2nd Chapter Garage


  The Cable UCC 2nd Chapter Garage opens the first weekend in June and is open every Saturday thereafter until the end of September from 9:00AM – 2:00PM. 

  The idea for the new garage was born at a UCC Women’s Fellowship meeting because the old garage was small, and because  the dampness, mildew (and mice!) made it hard to store many items.  The new garage was built in 2011 as the result of a capital campaign for the construction supplies, and a great deal of donated labor.  It has been going strong every summer since opening.  We are able to store more items, be open for sales more often, feel we are an asset to the community in providing affordable, good second hand items, and also bring in more to financially help our Church and it’s mission.


 The Women’s Fellowship uses money from garage sales to pay for the Church’s heating, garbage removal, coffee and other kitchen supplies.  They also sponsor a blind child in Botswana, Africa through Church World Missions and yearly donate to a dozen local, regional and international organizations. 


  Donations to the garage are usually accepted beginning in early June.  Items should be in good, usable condition.  As a reminder…. we do not accept any “techie” items such as TVs, VCRs, DVDs, computers, printers; no clothes; and no exercise equipment, skis or ski boots.  We begin to accept items in early June.  They can be dropped off at either entrance to the Cable UCC Church or at the Garage itself.

  The pictures below chronicle the transformation of the "old garage" into the new "2nd Chapter Thrift Shop."   


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