About Our Worship

The 10:00 worship service includes a Children’s Time where children are invited to gather at the front of the church for a special lesson. The children are then invited to attend a special Sunday school lesson in one of the church's three classrooms.  Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month. The choir provides special music each Sunday.   A coffee hour follows the service in the Fellowship Hall.


The United Church of Christ celebrates two sacraments, baptism and communion. Baptism is celebrated both for infants and for older believers who have not previously been baptized. This sacrament is included in the Sunday worship service, after conferring with the pastor.

Through water at baptism, God embraces you — no matter who you are — and brings you into Christ’s Church. You become vital not only to a local church, but the wider Church. You share in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. The church also promises to love, support, and care for you throughout your whole life. Baptized, you now participate fully in life of the Church and God’s realm. Read more about baptism in the UCC »


The United Church of Christ celebrates two sacraments, baptism and communion. We practice “open” communion, inviting all Christians to the Lord’s Table, regardless of denominational affiliation. Persons of all ages, including children, share in this sacrament. Grape juice is used so that all may participate. Just some water, just a simple meal of bread and juice, but for us in the United Church Christ, what is simple means much more.

At Holy Communion, we share a simple meal of bread and wine. Here, we experience the presence of Christ again. Together, around God’s welcome table, we recall God’s loving acts especially in Jesus, we experience our oneness in Christ, hope for a time when all will be fed, and anticipate the fullness of God’s love and justice throughout creation.  Read more about communion in the UCC.

Inclusive and expansive language

Inclusive and expansive language is used in our worship services. This is far more than an aesthetic matter of male and female imagery; it is a fundamental issue of social justice.  Language that is truly inclusive affirms sexuality, racial and ethnic background, stages of maturity, and degrees of limiting conditions.


Children’s Time

childrens time

This is a lively event as children of all ages come to hear a lesson that is created for them, but is equally enjoyed by the adults.

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